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We often don't appreciate how important our hearing is until it begins to deteriorate. At My Optician, we offer a wide range of services in Coventry, including free hearing tests, wax removal and general ear health checks. 

Hearing Tests in Coventry

Our hearing tests can help to determine if you require a hearing aid, or a simple treatment such as wax removal and discuss your options for improving your ear health and hearing quality. 
We understand that having problems with your hearing can be troubling and upsetting, so our friendly team will be on-hand to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible and provide any support you may need. 

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Wax Removal

During a hearing test, we often find an excessive amount of earwax build-up to be the cause of loss of hearing. 
There are many different methods of wax removal including using drops, flushing with water, or using suction. 
Some of these can be carried out yourself at home, but if this is not enough to return hearing to normal our specialists can carry out a simple procedure to flush out the wax.


Hearing Device Aftercare

If you have recently been fitted with a hearing device, it is important to take good care of it to ensure it is clean and ready to use. 
For example, before handling the device always wash your hands to reduce the spread of germs. 
When storing your device, avoid leaving it in damp places or direct sunlight as this can damage its functioning. 
Instead, ensure you store them in a dry place and clean them regularly using the supplied cleaning tool and some dry tissue. 
If you’d like to find out more about our hearing services, fill out the enquiry form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Audiologist Rumana Ahmedabadi
Our Audiologist

Rumana Ahmedabadi

Rumana qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 1995 and has worked for both large and small independent companies. Having enjoyed many years of domiciliary work Rumana also appreciates the importance of clinic based Audiology. 

Rumana thoroughly enjoys her role advising patients of the most appropriate hearing solutions for their needs.


Rumana is married with 2 boys and is grateful that her career has worked wonderfully around her sons, especially in their early years. Coming from a large family background she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying the simple things in life like good food, long country walks and board games!

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Book Your Complimentary Hearing Test

Use the form below to register your interest and our Audiologist will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment. 

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