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Child having an eye examination


Children's eye care is extremely important and should be paid attention to from a young age to avoid undiagnosed eye problems. 
My Optician offers regular eye test examinations for all children, making them feel comfortable and safe throughout the process

Kid's Eye Tests

Here at My Optician, we believe it is just as important to get your child's eyes tested regularly as it is your own. 
That is why we provide kid’s eye examinations where you will be able to go in with your child whilst we carry out various easy and stress-free tests to assess their vision. 
Our optician will look at your child’s eyes to determine whether they have any problems with their vision and your child will be asked to carry out simple tasks such as looking at a light. 
Since we value the importance of your child’s eye health and well-being, we offer free eye tests on the NHS to all children under 16 as well as anyone under 19 who is in full-time education.

boy having glasses fitted

Glasses for Children

After your child's examination is complete, our optician may suggest that they need to start wearing glasses. 
However, choosing the right glasses for your child can be an overwhelming process as it’s important to choose a pair that they will want to wear. 
Our dispensing team will give you some advice on what will suit your child's visual requirements and fit the best, but the colour and design will be down to you and your child so make sure to try a few on and see how they feel! 
For more information on our eye care services for children or to make an appointment, call our practice and speak to a member of our team.

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