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When told that they need to wear glasses many people worry about what they are going to look like and if the eyewear will suit their face 
However, at My Optician, our dispensing team help ensure that you leave with the perfect fit for you!

Eyewear Styling

When putting your glasses on in the morning you should feel comfortable and confident, which is why your eyewear needs to complement your style and face. 
The first step to finding the perfect eyewear style for you is knowing what kind of face shape you have. 
For example, an oval face shape is the most balanced and is a good shape to suit various types of glasses whereas if your face is rounder, you may want to go for glasses that are not too wide. 
When choosing a pair of glasses, you should also consider your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour to help pick a shade that will complement your face. 
We offer a range of quality eyewear frames from affordable to designer brands suitable for all including Ray-ban, Ted Baker and Emporio Armani so you will not be disappointed with our wide selection.

Couple wearing RayBan glasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are like regular sunglasses except they have the same type of prescription you'd get in an ordinary pair of glasses or contacts. 
Whether you need a pair for vision correction or just want to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, it’s important to choose a pair that fits your needs. 
Our prescription sunglasses are available in many colours so they can be as stylish as any other pair of regular sunglasses out there! 
However, when you are buying a pair of prescription sunglasses, consider all the same factors you would for normal glasses such as comfort on your face and the strength of the lens.

Tom Ford eyewear

Spectacle lenses

Spectacle lenses are a type of optical lens that make up the eyeglasses that people wear to correct vision problems. The lens corrects vision by refracting light to provide a clear image. 
There are many different types of spectacle lenses with different properties which allows them to be customised to your individual visual requirements. 
Some of the types of spectacle lenses include monofocal, which allows you to see only at a distance, bifocal, which allows you to see both near and far, and multifocal, which allows you to see at a variety of distances.

Same Day repairs
Same Day Spectacle Repairs

If you have broken your glasses and urgently need them back, we can usually fix them on the same day. 
This is down to our experienced team who can perform emergency repairs on all single-vision lenses. 
However, if the repair is more complex than expected or we must order extra parts, we may need to keep your glasses for a few days. 
For more advice on eyewear styling and the different types of eyewear we provide, get in contact with us today.

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